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Union Management Services


Union Management Services Limited is a Ghanaian company incorporated under the Companies’ Code, 1963 (Act 179) in July 1999.
The Company’s core business activities are in real estate development, representation of foreign entities and provision of consultancy services especially in the non-bank financial services industry.

Union Management Services is seeking to become one of the fastest growing real estate and a centre of excellence for non-bank financial services in West Africa.
With a Board of Directors at the helm of affairs, a strong management team and a dedicated support team of committed staff, Union Management Services (UMS) Limited provides and continues to always provide bespoke and excellent world-class professional services.

Mission Statement

  • To empower individuals and businesses in making informed real estate, financial, and digital payment decisions. We strive to be the preferred company, delivering exceptional services that meet the unique needs and aspirations of our clients.
  • To revolutionize the housing industry by offering a wide range of well-designed, eco-friendly homes at affordable prices. We are committed to creating sustainable living spaces that inspire and nurture a sense of community, making homeownership within reach of as many people as possible.

Core Values

The core values on which the foundation of UMS business is cemented are as follows


We bring excitement to work with the client as the focus of everything we do.


Strive always to be honest and truthful in all our dealings.


At UMS, we consider this as work in progress. We challenge ourselves to see what’s possible to better meet the needs of our team, our clients, and our organization.


Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space.


We use our service experience to always improve customer experience.

Vision Statement

  • To create a better everyday life for many people and for businesses at local and international levels

We will use our core values as an active guide to attain this goal so that we can continue being a company that is respected, emulated, and becomes a valuable partner to its clients, employees, and communities.
Our most important and key asset is our staff. We take pride in each staff whom we have empowered to drive our vision with passion. Each staff is steep in and deep-rooted in the universal principles of integrity, accountability and operate in this ethically sensitive organization.

We also understand and have a deep appreciation of going green. We give clients much information to make sustainable changes at home, at work and throughout the client’s life. As members of the community in which we operate, we are committed to doing the right thing for our clients and our planet. At the heart of this is a desire to go green with our GREEN HOMES. Our aim is to give everyone the power to make informed decisions that support a sustainable, environmentally conscious future.

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